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who CAn BE my FriEnD

解:My Good Friend I believe that everyone has friends. However, good friend is rare. Fortunately, I have one whose name is Lily. Her beauty is so amazing that girls also like her. Her beauty is not only the outward appearance,...


你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . 谁会成为我的朋友和爱人。

纠正错字: car => can who can be my friend? 意思是:谁能做我的朋友?

a people with a beautiful face and she is very kind

who can be my friend

语法不对, 应该是: who can be my friends? 谁能做我的朋友?

谁能成为我的女朋友,这个问题时间会告诉你答案的 我是老师,有什么不懂的可以继续问我 很开心为你解答,希望你能采纳


Who can be my pen friend?谁能成为我的笔友

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