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inCluDE to Do 还是 inCluDE Doing

include doing sth! include后面接名词,所以,如果要接动作行为,必须改为动名词! 例: He loves sports including playing football!

include 包含 Doing 正做什么 sth = Something 一些事情 包含了一些正做的事情

有 include +名词/动名词(就是doing/sth)

include doing sth 包括做某事 如:My housework includes cleaning the bedroom. 我的家务活包括打扫卧室(在内)。

include是包含可分割的事物,外部包含,contain一般指事物内部的包含,比如某种性质什么的continue to do sth 继续做(另一件)事continue doing sth 继续做(同一件)事

include 动名词 understand 动名词 face :be faced with doing forgive doing stand :for doing 不能忍受做某事 谢谢采纳~

Should college students do part-time jobs? In many countries it is common for teenagers to take part-time jobs while they are still in high school,while in other societies this is virtually unheard of.In the latter situation,st...

used to + do:"过去常常"表示过去习惯性的动作或...be used to + doing:对……已感到习惯,或"习惯..., belong, possess, cost, owe, exist, include,...

Most students and beginning researchers do not ...include sufficient information for the readers to ...and clearly indicate why it is worth doing. 4...

Would (Do) you mind ...?是一个非常重要的交际用语,用来表示委婉的请求,或用来表示希望得到对方的许可。运用好该句型,应注意以下四点: 一、Would (Do) you mind后接doing sth. 时,表示希望对方做某事。 其中would 比 do语气更委婉,熟人...

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