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how are you doing lately? 你最近怎么样啊? 双语对照 例句: 1. How are you doing lately? 你最近怎么样啊? 2. How are you doing in your part-time job? 你的兼职工作干的怎么样


1.How do you like the coffee here? I think it’s pretty good. 2.Shall I take the bus or the subway to Shanghai Railway Station? You should take the subway, it’s faster. 3.Sorry, mum, I have broke a glass. It’s okay, be careful n...

一般将来时will be+动词原形

推荐回答 最近好吗?译:1.how are you doing lately ? 2. How do you do recently? 3.How is it going recently? 狮子wxn813 | 2017-03-31 5 13 ...

12. How are you this evening?今晚上您好吗?13. Good night,John.晚安,...这是什么?32. That’s a book. 那是一本书。33. Is this your book? ...

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