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hAvE trouBlE Doing是什么意思

have trouble doing 做(某事)有困难 双语对照 例句: 1. Many people are told to reduce sodium due to health concerns, but they have trouble doing so because they like the taste and find low-sodium foods bland. 很多人被告知应该为了...

有,have trouble doing sth. 中文意思是“做某事有麻烦”)

have trouble doing sth. 做某事有困难 例句: 1. Well, I have trouble understanding americans. 嗯,我在了解美国人方面有困难。 2. Did you never have trouble with swinging? 你换伴时没有过麻烦吗?

1.have trouble( in 可以省略)doing sth 在做某事方面有困难, 费事,后面习惯接动名词作宾语 I have some trouble (in) reading the letter,for handwriting is very bad. 我读这封信很困难, 因为他的书写很差. With the boy leading the way...

您好, 如果是使用 trouble这一词, 那麼不加s: Have trouble doing them 或 Have trouble doing it. 如果是使用 problem 那麼 problem 或 problems 皆可. 至於中间的difficult, 应该是用 difficulty 一词, 也就是 Have difficulty doing 而不是Ha...

have trouble doing =have troulbe in doing(in可省略) =have difficulty (in) doing 做……有困难

木有区别 就是 省略了 in 而已 很高兴为你解答, 不懂欢迎,追问,请及时采纳,满意答案,O(∩_∩)O谢谢!

I have trouble wake up in the morning.早上起来对我而言是件苦事。 I often have trouble with my teeth.我常常牙痛。 Do you have trouble with your boss?你和你的老板有纠纷吗? Men do have trouble hearing women?男人为什么不愿意听女人...

have trouble with 例句: Others have trouble with spoken language 而其它人可能是语言口语方面有障碍。 2.He said that astronauts returning from the zero gravity of space often have trouble with balance . 他告诉我们,宇航员适应了...

have trouble doing sth. 是对的。

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