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come to one's aid 来帮助某人 例句: 1.China's aid to africa extends beyond the technological. 中国对非洲的援助不仅仅限于工艺技术。 2.France's aid is unlikely to grow. 法国的援助很可能原地踏步。

come to one's aid 伸出援助之手 go to one's aid 去帮助某人


I couldn't speak French, but a kind stranger came to my aid and showed me the way.

come to my aid, 来帮我的忙,第一人称居多 go to one's aid, 陈述他人,去帮别人的忙

当听到那位女士的呼救声时,两名警察迅速赶过去救助。(run to one's aid) When they heard the women's cry for help,the two policemen ran to ...

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