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come to one's aid 来帮助某人 例句: 1.China's aid to africa extends beyond the technological. 中国对非洲的援助不仅仅限于工艺技术。 2.France's aid is unlikely to grow. 法国的援助很可能原地踏步。

come to one's aid 伸出援助之手 go to one's aid 去帮助某人

意思是来帮助某人。 Come to 的几种用法: 由某人继承财产。 例如:Does it mean that all the money will now come to me? 这是不是意味着所有的现钱现在应归我? 谈到,说到。 例句:现在我们来谈谈第三点。 Now let’s come to the third poin...


当听到那位女士的呼救声时,两名警察迅速赶过去救助。(run to one's aid) When they heard the women's cry for help,the two policemen ran to ...

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