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be bound to [英][bi: baund tu:][美][bi baʊnd tu] 一定要…; 终归; 不得不; 注定; 例句: 1. Control can be bound to data. 控件可以绑定到数据。 2. Only inbound port can be bound to a receive port. 只可将入站端口绑定到接收端口

是Try –P!nk Ever wonder about what he's doing 曾今想知道他在做什么 How it all turned to lies 这一切是如何变成谎言 Sometimes I think ...

被动句 Many people devoted theirself to their jobs。

前者是名词,后面一个是动词。bound不大作‘弹回’解,它除了作限制、范围讲之外,基本上就只作bind的过去式,bounce才是比较专业一点的‘弹回’的词。 bound 英[baʊnd] 美[baʊnd] vi. 跳,弹跳; 限制; 接壤; vt. 束缚; 给…划界,限制; 使...

C. deal. see a good deal of each other 经常见面。

A 考查固定词组。Be bound to do sth必定会做某事;句意:如果你每天快速阅读,你一定会提高你的英语。

Come on we are bound to be free 词典结果 Come on we are bound to be free 拜托!我们天生就是自由的

Many are they dug a hole, and then bound to jumpMany are they dug a hole, and then bound to jump into the pit is dug, and also his jump jump, the last is their climb out. 许多人都挖了一个洞,然后绑定跳跃很多都是他们挖了一个洞,...

你好! In the context of this section affiliated companies will not be considered as third parties provided that they assume the secrecy obligations and are therefore bound to the secrecy obligations of the respective party her...


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