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比较常见的用法是: a 形容词 picture a picture of 名词

like.../as...as It is like new. 它像新的一样。 Today feels like spring. 今天感觉像春天一样。 as dirtily drunk as usual. 像平常一样醉成了烂泥 as lifeless as a stone. 像石头一样没有生命。

Mix sth. and sth. together 把什么混合在一起 mix up A and B mix A with B 把A和B混合在一起 mix 英[mɪks] 美[mɪks] vt.& vi. 混合; (使) 结交; 相容; 平安相处; n. 混录; 食物混合配料; 乐曲组合; vt. 调配,配制; 第三人称单数...

说,的英语是什么 say,speak,tell,utter put talk chat 说,的英语是什么 say,speak,tell,utter put talk chat

all is the same

你好! 把什么看做一个整体 What as a whole

He left as soon as he gave out the money. He gave out the money, and left immediately. On donating the money, he left. No sooner had he donated the money than he left. He left soon after he gave out the money.

你好! 一节一段 Section a

对什么东西做一个简述 英语 What things to make a brief statement to?

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