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比较常见的用法是: a 形容词 picture a picture of 名词

like.../as...as It is like new. 它像新的一样。 Today feels like spring. 今天感觉像春天一样。 as dirtily drunk as usual. 像平常一样醉成了烂泥 as lifeless as a stone. 像石头一样没有生命。

“什么和什么一样”用英语 A is the same as B.

但愿如此!土耳其语 英语发音一样的,就是inshala

一个人要得到什么,他就必须付出什么 What a man wants to get, he has to pay

图片一里有什么? 英文:There is a picture of what? 或者:What's in the picture?

你好: what kind of 或者 which kind of 如: What kind of fruit do you like ? 你喜欢哪一种水果? Which kind of sport do you prefer? 你更喜欢哪一种运动?

all is the same

1用while 他一边走路,一边看报纸while he is walking, he is reading a newspaper 他一边看电视,一边吃饭while he is watching tv, he is eating. 2用as 他一边走路,一边看报纸 As he walks, he reads a newspaper 他一边看电视,一边吃饭 As...

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