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英文是: Yours are mine, but mine still belongs to me. 句子解释: yours 英[jɔ:z] 美[jərz] pron. 你(们)的东西; 你的责任[义务]; 你的家属; 来信,尊函; adj. 你(们)的(东西); 信末署名前用语; [例句]I'll take my coat up...

Yours are mine, but mine still belongs to me. Singular subject (you=1 person) = verb with S = IS Plural subject (we=more than 1 person) = verb without S = ARE We don\'t know what we are talking about here... If one thing is min...

我的就是你的,你的还是你的 正解版: Mine is yours,and yours is still yours. or What is mine belongs to you,and what is yours still yours. 玩笑版: Word goes need;need has need. 按照【汉语谐音读英语单词】,结果就是如此。 祝你开...

All yours are mine. All mine are still mine. You are mine too.你的就是我的,我的还是我的,你也是我的

你就是我的整个世界 You are my whole world

you are my everything

你就是我的未来 You are my future

你就是我最想要的人You are the person I really want对于你我此生不会放手This life time I will never giving up on you

你就是我的全部用英文怎么拼? 这个句子有很多种说法, You are my all.你是我的全部 You are my everything.你是我的所有 You are my world. 你是我的世界

你的东西就是我的东西而我的东西不一定是你的东西英文Your stuff is my stuff and my stuff is not necessarily something you how to say in English你的就是我的而我的不一定是你的You are my and my not necessarily your http://www.hao123....

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