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《好久不见》 I walk these streets, searching to find The steps that we left behind. Your lonely eyes stare back at mine In pictures from that time. I hold my heart, closing my eyes I see your smile, lies behind In this place, y...

野子 (中英文版) 怎么大风越狠 我心越荡 幻如一丝尘土 随风自由的在狂舞 我要握紧手中坚定 却又飘散的勇气 我会变成巨人 踏着力气 踩着梦 怎么大风越狠 我心越荡 又如一丝消沙 随风轻飘的在狂舞 我要深埋心头上秉持 却又重小的勇气 一直往大风吹...

《童话》 原唱:光良 填词:光良 & Jason Chen 改编:罗艺恒 翻唱:罗艺恒 (M.SICK) 和声:罗艺恒 监制/混缩:罗艺恒 (M.SICK) 童话 (中英文混唱) It's been so long. Since I've heard your voice, Reading me your favorite story. Your alway...

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