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"你说什么就是什么" 翻译成纯正的英语要怎么说?

如果是比较口语的可以这么说:You wanna say something to me? What else you want me to know?这种就相对正式一点: Do you have anything to say to me? What else you want to tell me?希望我的回答有帮到你。

“你是什么样的人,取决于你想成为什么样的人。” “What kind of person you are depends on what kind of person you want to become.”

英文 But my score for english is not good, hope teacher can help me to improve my score in english

I like you, anything you say, I don't like you when you say you to be what?

you are my love forever,或者you forever are I most love ,希望能帮到你,第二个最合你意,这在一部电视剧里面出现过

what do your mother do最合适

What do you think the elements of success?

where there you are, there is home! 改编 自 where there is a will,there is a way。 前面where there you are 没倒装是因为是代词you做主语,不能倒装!

怎么是你? Why are you?怎么老是你? Why always are you?你怎么做? What do you do?

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